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People worldwide have been turning their skills & knowledge into a business: freelancing has been skyrocketing over the passed 10 years, the number of independents is set to keep growing in the next decade, independent, creators, influencers are now making business on their own. Independents are now teaming up in Collectives to leverage their business to the next level: more value from larger projects, more opportunities from unified networks and kills, more fulfillment as they work with the people they choose. We are building the infrastructure to enable every collectives run their business!

Nos services

*Browse opportunities & shape common proposals* Access team opportunities; Edit/share collaborative quotes *Share single invoices and manage revenues* Send a single quote to clients; Dispatch a single payment; Get paid on time; Manage expenses for the team *Run projects, team rules, reporting & governance* Manage and report progress (deliverables, timesheets); Co-opt new joiners; Set rules your collective need *Promote collective and gain influence/business* Custom your public page, case-studies, library; Display content, share events and source opportunities


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Léa Fauché

Collective Community Lead
Previously Community Builder @Join Lion

Houssam Otarid

Fullstack Developer
Previously software engineer @Shift Technology

Maxime Nguyen

Senior Developer
10Y experience (@Foncia Stark, @France TV)

Come Bohu

Senior Product Designer
Previously Product Designer @Agicap, @Mozza & @Rocket Internet

Jean de Rauglaudre

CEO & Founder
Former Strategy Consultant @McKinsey - HEC Paris

Vianney De Drouas

COO & Founder
Former Spain & Portugal country manager @Younited Credit - EM Lyon

Paul Vidal

CTO & Founder
Former software engineer @Datadog, Skyscanner & Blablacar - Imperial College

Rémi Lauer

Business & Growth Lead
Former entrepreneur with Investment Banking experience - ESSEC