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*Data Engineering & Architecture* Connecting to your various datasources and consolidating them in your data lakes. Optimize your data infrastructure for performance and cost. *Data Modeling* Ensuring that the data that we collect is ready for insights. We ensure that the data is clean, modeled and easy to analyze for a business user *Data Visualization* Build and deploy dashboards on data visualization and reporting tool such as PowerBI, Tableau, Data Studio or AWS Quicksight *Data Science* Find outliers & patterns, derive insights, forecast and predict future trends based on your historical data.

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We transform raw data into business insights with a positive ROI (Return on Investment) guaranteed !

Data Visualization,Data Engineering,Machine Learning,Predictive Modeling,BI,Data Science

Shankar Arul

Data Scientist
+12 years of experience

Mohamed Achelif

Data Engineer
+12 years of experience