The best way to leverage your expertise.

A unique and collaborative experience to work on projects from start to finish.

Work as a team

Pick the teammates you want, combine your multiple talents and define your project's scope.

Access ambitious projects

Your collective's complementary skillsets give you access to larger opportunities so you can add even more value, together.

Remain Independent

Issue invoices and manage your projects collaboratively, without any of the admin hassle.

The flexibility of freelancing with the strength of a company.

Build one-of-a-kind teams and find more meaning at work.


Get on board. Join one or many collectives with the teammates of your dreams.


Access opportunities. Build a winning proposal in just a few clicks and rival the very best agencies.


Free yourself from admin. We take care of the admin side of things so you don't have to. Issue single invoices, payments and contracts for all of your collective.


And focus on your collective. Engage with your team, define your rules and shine as a group.